Happy Independent Bookstore Day!

To celebrate, here are three things I love about working as a bookseller at an independent store:

  1. There’s always something new to learn. Each of us on staff has a few specialties, and then sometimes we just have to fill in a gap to get something done. This week I listened to one of my coworkers explain how mosques and cathedrals were built in Spain and also started learning to code. I love my job.
  2. I’m frequently proven wrong in a very good way. I wrote earlier this week about how there’s a bit of a stigma attached to grown-ups reading young adult fiction, and then yesterday I had a lovely adult customer who lit up like a Christmas tree when I asked if I could give her a YA recommendation as well as adult fiction ones. Bone Gap has a new home, and, okay, one interaction doesn’t negate the previous ones, but it’s a nice reminder to keep expanding my perspective as new information comes in.
  3. Kids. Always the kids. We met a three-year-old girl this week who was very quiet but super happy about the book about space she came in for with her mom. Jupiter is her favorite planet because of the big red spot that’s actually a storm; she asked me lots of questions about gravity; and when one of the other booksellers asked if she was going to go into space herself one day, she nodded vigorously. And then the next evening there was a kindergartener who chatted with me enthusiastically about black bears while I rang up his family’s books and then spontaneously reached over the counter for a high-five before he left with his mom. It’s been a good week.

So, whether you’ll be visiting a bookstore or not, have a lovely Independent Bookstore Day! If you do drop in to see us, we’ll be happy to say hey. And never forget: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot rotates counterclockwise, and black bears fish for salmon too even though we associate that with grizzlies.

Man, I love my job.