Impeachment Jams

So, remember that song from Robin Hood, the animated version? “A Pox On the Phony King of England”? Me too! Here you go, new lyrics from a hell of a day:


Oh the world will sing of a would-be king
A hundred years from now,
And not because he passed some laws
Or had that lofty brow.
With Grand Old Party flunkies game
To toe the party line,
He sold our foreign policy
And still made out just fine.
Incredible as he is inept,
Whenever the history books are kept
They’ll call Don the phony king in DC.
A pox on the phony king in DC!

He sits alone in his big white home
Pretending he’s the king—
A shady lout who sells us out
From Putin’s apron strings.
And he throws an angry tantrum
If he cannot have his way—
And then he calls for Mitch
And cries “hunt the witch!”—
You see, he doesn’t want to pay.

The shame of our century twenty-first,
He pines for our country at its worst,
Don Trump the phony king in DC.

While we allow corruption
And this rampant bigotry,
We’ll never build a country where
Our kids can grow up free.
So come on, grow a backbone,
Let’s address our past misdeeds;
Don’t let this jackass take away
Our (flawed) democracy.

The Senate voted to acquit—
But he’s been impeached and we won’t forget—
That breezy and uneasy cheese in DC.

The sniveling, groveling,
Measly, weaselly,
Blabbering, jabbering,
Gibbering, jabbering,
Blundering, plundering,
Wheeling, dealing,
Don Trump, that phony king in DC.
A pox on the phony king in DC!


(I messed with the meter on a couple of lines and adjusted some things in an attempt to make it singable without a fiddle. You should feel free to sing it extensively.)