Hello! I’m Cap. I write the blog. Mostly I write about kids’ books, though that can conveniently encompass almost everything in one way or another.

Some questions you might have:

What kind of books do you write about? / A little of everything, from picture books for infants all the way up to adult books that make great reads for older teens.

How often do you post? / Once a week at the moment. Generally on Tuesdays, though that could change.

Where’s the comments section? / There isn’t one. I love to talk with people about books, and lots of you will have fascinating insights and brilliant responses to share, but after much consideration I’ve decided to make a slightly different kind of blog. Magazines, books, and newspapers stand on their own; we talk about them with our neighbors, we share them with our friends, and, yes, we send in letters to the editor sometimes, but ultimately the publication is responsible for every word presented in its pages. I’d like to be able to confidently state that I’m responsible, for better or for worse, for every word presented here.

Never fear: I do have a Contact page if you’d like to leave a question or comment for me, and I’ll do my level best to reply!

What kind of work do you do? / Bookstore work, writing work, theater work; and then there was that job rehabilitating rescued jackalopes, but I guess since that’s not current it doesn’t count.

Do you like waffles? / What a coincidence that you should ask! They’re my second-favorite food.